ZNationals Track Day 2016

Sorry for the light posting. Work sometimes gets in the way of fun.

Z1 Motorsports hosted the ZNationals Track Day at Road Atlanta. Boy they put on a good show. There were a lot of Z & G cars in the paddock along with a few other odds and ends cars. Vince Corry and Al Aberson took to the track in anger…well, a minor clutch issue shortened Vince’s day, but he’ll track his G35 again.

For those of us not tracking cars, there was the opportunity to do some parade laps around Road Atlanta. It is quite different seeing the track from inside your car as opposed to from the hillsides that surround the track.

Z1 did a great job with organizing the event and executing. It just makes us look forward to the car show on Saturday.







Click on the image below to get to the full photo album (977 photos).

Also, here’s a video from one of the parade laps. ZNationals Parade Lap Video on Youtube