Georgia Z Club Meeting – July 2016 (29 Photos)

The holiday didn’t keep the regulars away, but it did make driving to the meeting a little easier. We had 3 new people show up, too. Al Aberson helped us celebrate our country’s birthday with his 4th of July socks & shoes.

It looks like no one will be making the trek to the Great White North for the Toronto convention. The fire department beat us to the restaurant, so we didn’t have our cars in a line. That’s too bad. It would have been a nice shot.

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Georgia Z Club Meeting - July 2016 (29 Photos)


Georgia Z Club May 2016 Meeting (29 Photos)

We had a good turnout for the May meeting despite some late afternoon showers that moved across North Georgia.
Several new faces and new cars visited us.
We talked about several upcoming events including a club photoshoot and a vintage racing event at Road Atlanta with FREE admission.

Try to make it out to one of our events, especially the club meetings. We would love to have you.

Georgia Z Club Meeting 2016-05-05 014

Georgia Z Club Meeting 2016-05-05 012

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GZC Meeting May 2016 (29 Photos)

GZC Monthly Meeting – April 2016

It was a nice day to drive the Z to work, though it was a little on the cool side. Sometimes you’re lucky enough that a co-worker drives a Z, too.
GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 002

Even with some very light rain, there wasn’t anything to put a damper on the monthly car meeting. We filled most of the room and had the pleasure of several new people visiting for the first time. We also filled the row in the parking lot for the first time since last summer. It is Z season.

During the meeting we talked about a lot of upcoming events. Keep coming back to check out our events page to find out about things you can do with the Georgia Z Club.

GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 015

GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 010

GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 006

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GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 028

Georgia Z Club Meeting February 2016

The temperature may have been dropping, but many of us exploited the dry weather to drive our Zs to the monthly meeting.

El Prezidente Zupremo was back in charge, afraid of giving too much power to his chief minion, Kevin. (By the way Kevin, thanks for leading the meeting in January.) We also had a couple of new faces show up, George & Brian. Keep on showing up, guys, we enjoy you bringing your cars out.

I apologize for some of the blurry photos. There was a strong cold wind, and I wanted to get home and get warm.

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GZC Meeting February 2016 (24 Photos)//