Making New Memories – 284 Photos

Kevin Hart knocked himself out with this event. First he arranged for us to pretty much take over a Chik’fil’a Dwarf House in Woodstock. He also took the initiative to meet someone who has a garage decorated like an old Texaco station. (Maybe Kevin is secretly a stalker. I should install some security cameras just in case.) The owner agreed to let us stage a photo shoot for the club at his garage. That was followed by taking over most of the Semper Fi Bar & Grill. We were also joined by some of the members of our sister club, Fairlady Alliance of Atlanta.

We thought we would have 20 or so cars show up. In the end, it was 46. We spent over 5 hours taking photos and staging cars. Every generation was represented. The setting was great. The weather was great. It was a tremendous event for the Georgia Z Club. If you missed it, join us for a future event. We would love to see you.

There are a lot of photos to see. Click on the photo below to get to the full set. Don’t miss out.
GZC Making New Memories June 2016 (284 Photos)