Cofer Collection Visit (130 Photos)

David Smith arranged a viewing for the Georgia Z Club of the Cofer Collection in Tucker. This collection is not open to the public, so it was a special treat. There were forty cars on site including a Duesenberg SJ. The curator has been with the Cofer Collection for 30 years, and he told use each car is driven 50 miles every 3 months. The cars are also taken to concours all over the Southeast.

We had 22 Z cars show up and enjoyed the opportunity to wander around looking at fine classic automobiles. Afterward, most headed over to Main Street in Tucker to enjoy the monthly Cruise In…except for yours truly, who experienced a driveshaft failure on the way.

Anyway, Chet Wittel and Bob Breitweiser took home awards from the Cruise In for a wonderful 240Z and sharp 370Z.

Be sure to see the whole set by clicking on the last photo.

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 093

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 072

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 052

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 048

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 016

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 011

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 006

Did you click on that last photo? If you didn’t, then you’re missing out.


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