Z Cars at The Mitty 2016

Saturdays at The Mitty tend to be the busiest of the 3 day event. This Saturday was no exception. Grassroots Motorsports set up the Japanese car section just past the bridge leading to the infield.

It was beautiful weather, beautiful cars, great people, and great racing.

The Mitty 2016-04-23 0717

The Mitty 2016-04-23 0702

The Mitty 2016-04-23 0707

The Mitty 2016-04-23 0706

The Mitty 2016-04-23 0705

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The Mitty 2016-04-23 0004


Cofer Collection Visit (130 Photos)

David Smith arranged a viewing for the Georgia Z Club of the Cofer Collection in Tucker. This collection is not open to the public, so it was a special treat. There were forty cars on site including a Duesenberg SJ. The curator has been with the Cofer Collection for 30 years, and he told use each car is driven 50 miles every 3 months. The cars are also taken to concours all over the Southeast.

We had 22 Z cars show up and enjoyed the opportunity to wander around looking at fine classic automobiles. Afterward, most headed over to Main Street in Tucker to enjoy the monthly Cruise In…except for yours truly, who experienced a driveshaft failure on the way.

Anyway, Chet Wittel and Bob Breitweiser took home awards from the Cruise In for a wonderful 240Z and sharp 370Z.

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Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 093

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 072

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 052

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 048

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 016

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 011

Cofer Collection 2016-04-09 006

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GZC Monthly Meeting – April 2016

It was a nice day to drive the Z to work, though it was a little on the cool side. Sometimes you’re lucky enough that a co-worker drives a Z, too.
GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 002

Even with some very light rain, there wasn’t anything to put a damper on the monthly car meeting. We filled most of the room and had the pleasure of several new people visiting for the first time. We also filled the row in the parking lot for the first time since last summer. It is Z season.

During the meeting we talked about a lot of upcoming events. Keep coming back to check out our events page to find out about things you can do with the Georgia Z Club.

GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 015

GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 010

GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 006

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GZC Meeting 2016-04-07 028

Z Cars at Caffeine & Octane: 56 Photos

ZAtlanta rolled out early to save spots for a large Z car turnout, and the Georgia Z Club arrived 45 minutes later to help fill all of the spots. We were accompanied by some Gs and a couple of other Datsuns.
Every Z car generation was present. We haven’t see that for quite some time. If you decided to sleep in today, you REALLY missed out. Help us fill in the lot again on May 1 at the next Caffeine & Octane!
Caffeine and Octane 2016-04-03 020

Caffeine and Octane 2016-04-03 014

Caffeine and Octane 2016-04-03 008

Caffeine and Octane 2016-04-03 007

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Caffeine and Octane 2016-04-03 021