Valentine’s Drive

We gathered at the McDonalds in Canton at the appointed time, 24 strong. El PreZidente led us along back roads north of Rome and into Alabama.



Once in Alabama, we turned north toward Ft Payne, stopping at Little River Canyon. After that, it was a quick jaunt over to Ft Payne for lunch and on to Huntsville.


That evening, most of the gang headed over to the Old Greenbrier restaurant for barbeque. While Steve knew the location by heart, the rest of the crew wondered why they were going out to the middle of nowhere. Once everybody found the restaurant, they gorged themselves on hushpuppies and barbeque. Then it was back to the hotel to enjoy some libations.

Braving the cold the next morning, the gang gathered to head over to the Alabama Space and Rocket Center. Steve led the group over and was doing great until he realized the sign that he formerly used as a landmark was no longer there. The group did a quick turn around and got to the museum parking lot safely. Hurrying in to escape the frigid air, we managed to avoid any group photos, though Gina took several photos of Uranus. Martin arranged for the group discount at the ticket desk. We got our armbands and milled about the museum and rocket park. After taking in the history of America’s space program, we headed back to our cars and made our way back to Georgia.

Be sure to join us for the next drive. You won’t be disappointed.

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Georgia Z Club Meeting February 2016

The temperature may have been dropping, but many of us exploited the dry weather to drive our Zs to the monthly meeting.

El Prezidente Zupremo was back in charge, afraid of giving too much power to his chief minion, Kevin. (By the way Kevin, thanks for leading the meeting in January.) We also had a couple of new faces show up, George & Brian. Keep on showing up, guys, we enjoy you bringing your cars out.

I apologize for some of the blurry photos. There was a strong cold wind, and I wanted to get home and get warm.

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GZC Meeting February 2016 (24 Photos)//